Interdimensional Fright

Let’s see. Where should I begin
I will tell you the most frightening thing

There is a crack in my ceiling
It always gave me a sickening feeling
When I went to bed one night
That line, it opened wide
Revealing the things inside

They are tall and thick
And they move really quick
Some have multiple heads
With either eight or six legs
At first they were super swell
Really helpful as hell

Now they run around causing mischief
One slapped me awake with a stick
Another threw my clothes in a pile
Lit them on fire and smiled
I think its name is Juvenile

They’ve taken over my home
Experimenting with my chromosomes
I’m living in a combat zone
One’s hidden my cell phone
I think its name is Trombone

I don’t know what to do
Everything is askew
I can’t find a single shoe
They’ve used all the toilet tissue

These things don’t know their place
I can’t get through the wall to trace
Their dimension, time or space

I have no control they’re freewheeling
One walks around constantly squealing

I pray there are no cracks in your ceiling

This is where I wish I could draw. I can clearly see what these things look like, it would be nice to show you. But, you can imagine your own otherworldly monsters 🙂


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