My mom sent me to the store
For eggs, coffee and more

Instead of going straight there with the list
A temptation turned up that I could not resist

I made a beeline for the park
And hung out with my friends until dark

By the time I realized what had happened
The store was closed. I was saddened

Guys! Please help me concoct a story
That will diffuse my mother's fury

What if you were kidnapped - by a giant with a hairy back
What if you fell in a ditch -  under a spell by an evil witch
What if you got lost - returned by a blue and white horse

What if we tell her you died - Then angels came down and cried
Bringing you back alive. Miracle verified

We can explain the time loss - with an alien abduction of course

Bye. I'm just going to go home. And face my mom alone


"Sam! Where have you been?"
"I was trapped in a cotton gin."

"Seriously. Where were you?" 
"Aliens took me to Kathmandu."

"You know your sister saw you in the park?"
"I hitched a ride back on an aardvark."

Whenever my mom sent me on an errand, I would disappear for hours. Looking back, lies rolled off my tongue way too easily, and they were always ridiculously outrageous. When confronted, I would either tell unbelievable lies or be silent. Even though I was always afraid to go home that never stopped me.


Feature Photo Credit:@j.m.bez via Twenty20

2 thoughts on “Detour

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    1. Thank you Sue. When I did go, I would usually return with everything. Mostly unbroken – once, on the way back, we went for a joyride in a shopping cart and ended up tumbling. Eggs broken, one exploded milk bag along with a bunch of scrapes and bruises. Memories 🙂

      The time it took for me to return depended on the season. In the wintertime it was about a 95% success rate. I’d go and come back quickly. All bets were off in the summer 🙂

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