Apr 28 – Journal Entry

よろしく(nice to meet you)

Sometimes when I write my post late at night, I get confused the next day on whether I wrote in my journal or not. Like the days are blending or something.

My 16-year-old acts like he’s four sometimes. I dedicated two posts to the boys today. I was gonna put it in my journal but they were hella funny (our kind of funny), deserve their own post. The Boys-V and The Boys-VI. It took longer for me to find pics for those posts than it did to write them.

In preparation for work on my Org Restructuring project, I am reading Measure What Matters, learning about OKRs and CFRs and Core Product – also trying to figure out how to represent everything graphically. I want to have a mock-up ready to show my boss this Thursday.

This afternoon I noticed a missed text from Dog Walker – He sent me a Good morning yesterday. I haven’t responded and I don’t plan to – I’m turned off. When I was younger, I kept a list of qualities my ideal guy should have – I will see if I can find it. I know height was definitely on the list – You must be this tall to ride … LOL. I will get back into the dating scene at some point, right now I’m laser-focused on learning this work stuff and writing every day. No. Matter. What. I’ll write when I’m dead – don’t worry, I’ll figure it out! 🙂

Major Lazer – How come they get to spell laser with a “z” and I have to use an “s.” My two all time favs:

One Wine | Machel Montano & Sean Paul ft. Major Lazer | Soca 2015
Sean Paul & Major Lazer – Tip Pon It

I think Matt’s a hypochondriac – He’s always self-diagnosing. After I found out I had the BRCA1 gene, and went through all the necessary surgeries – I thought I would die from some other kind of cancer. I figured it would go undiscovered because doctors were only concerned with breast and ovarian cancer. Sometimes I feel like I will die of an aneurysm.

After my mom passed away, I was obsessed with planning and pre-paying for my funeral. I wanted to make sure my children didn’t have to worry about anything. I will write my own obit and post it one day – I think that will be fun. OMG I just got an idea! Not sharing.

Time to get out of that headspace! I am almost at 100 posts. Woohoo!!! This one is number 96. I will be over 100 by the end of the month.

Today is going to be a short one (well, this feels short-er) – wanna see if I can get another hour of work in before I go to bed. I’m gonna watch Next of Kin on Shudder while I work. Last week I watched Cat o’ Nine Tails directed by Dario Argento. There was an after sex scene – the woman is still in bed and dude is walking about – I think he asked her if she wanted something to drink – Then he pours two glasses of milk.

Who the hell drinks milk after sex! Does that mean it was amazing or meh?

さよなら (goodbye)

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