Journal Entry – Fri Dec 11

I woke up with this overwhelming feeling of sadness and just started crying, and I didn’t want to get out of bed – but then I was ok in about an hour! Maybe I feel tired all the time cause I am on a constant emotional rollercoaster!

Sometimes I think my children hate me, and they are having secret conversations about how to get rid of me. I’m supposed to breathe and realize that I may be projecting, but that only makes me feel worse cause it means hate my children and want to get rid of them. (Which is true but not all the time, and I don’t want them dead, just gone).

Did I ever tell you buying gifts for people is hella stressful? So annoying! I’d rather give money and be done with it! When I was about seventeen, I got my boyfriend a card:

Money is rough, and times are hard, so here’s your fucking birthday card.

I can’t remember what illustration was on the outside but oh man! I thought that was hilarious, and I couldn’t stop laughing at his expression after reading it. I don’t think he enjoyed it as much as I did. lol!

This again reminds me of the birthday cake I got for my friend several years back (I may have told you this story before. Sorry!) – Instead of writing Happy Birthday; I asked the lady to put Nobody Cares (She asked me if I was sure then smiled). Marlene got a kick out of it cause we have the same sense of humour, but everyone else was like, “What the fuck! Why would you tell that to someone on their birthday!” Which made it even more funny as far as I was concerned!

Last week I remade the project charter, got it down to two slides and an appendix section for elaboration of whatever – or adding relevant slides from previous sales presentations to the client. And remember, this is supposed to double as a kickoff deck. So I send it to my boss and the sales director for feedback – crickets. The next morning I followed up with an email:

Guys if you want changes let me know – I do not like to rush this stuff! Please confirm receipt – otherwise, I’m going to drive over to your place and kick in the door!

The sales director replied with feedback, and the opening line said …

That’s why I didn’t give you MY address.

Life isn’t always fantabulous but you can always find something to laugh at – keep your laugh inventory stocked! (Sometimes laughing is the last thing I wanna do and other times it’s the only thing I do. I be LMAOing like a mofo!)

I will take all the little short stories I wrote and put them in one post – But they’re not even short stories but I think they count as flash fiction or microfiction. I will have to find a new name – Microries or Super Short Stories or Super Amazing Minis (SAMs). I like Super Short Stories better cause no one’s gonna know what a Microries is; and although they are, not everyone will think my minis are amazing 🙂 – but I like coming up with acronyms for my name. I could call them Super Awful Madness, but then no one might read them! Seriously Silly Stories. By the time I am ready to post, I will decide.

I made it out to see Sarah. We spend two hours catching up! Then I got sleepy and yawny. I was supposed to watch Dee play Cyberpunk 2077, but I’m way too tired.

Bought two pairs of Vans – LONG OVERDUE!!! I was too lazy to take pic so I swiped these off the internet!

It’s 11:11 – make a wish!

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