Apr 4 – Journal Entry

Today I had my first virtual date.

I choose to go all out, treating it like a proper date. Got my clothes out, accessories and wardrobe meltdown included. Did my hair, applied the lipgloss. Sat at my desk and did a camera test:

  • Face. Check
  • Hair. Check.
  • Clothing placement. Check.
  • Right amount of cleavage (joking)
  • Nothing weird in the background. Check.
  • Good to go!

I turn off my camera. Ready when you are.

Ok. Give me 5 minutes.

The Skype ringtone always reminds me of that horror movie Unfriended. He looked older than I expected but aside from that, no issue. In general, my assessment on a first date includes:

  • Do I like the sound of his voice?
  • Do I like his style?
  • Does he have nice teeth?
  • Any mannerisms I find slightly irksome?
  • If there are moments of silence, were they comfortable or awkward?
  • Did the conversation flow freely?
  • Am I gonna be taller than him in my heels? (men lie about their height)

We talked for 26 minutes and 49 seconds. I would meet him in person. Post-pandemic use of Skype as secondary vetting tool? Definite possibility. Dating App > Skype > First Date.

Photo Credit: @RyanL via Twenty20

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