Music – Discover One Word Prompt

I’ve always loved how a song serves as transport to a specific time in your life with vivid memories. All your senses are wide awake – Feeling Everything. Below are a few of my time travel tunes with a snippet of the accompanying memory.

Caribana weekend. Driving a Q5, music mad loud, listening to our favourite pre-party DJ. My sister riding shotgun, our friends in the back, on the way to Sugar Daddy’s nightclub. That was the first time I heard this song.

This song was playing in St. Louis Bar & Grill in Ajax when my boyfriend hinted that he might be bi-curious. It was closing time and he saw someone he liked.

After party with the usual crew, in a club with no name. We had to go through an ally, behind a store, then downstairs into some random basement. This song started right after we found our place in the crowd – Rum and Red Bull in hand. Perfect timing. Crazy fun!

Going back. This was my escape song whenever I was suffocating under my mother’s control. This song was on repeat in my head.

Feature Photo Credit: @eaz_ag via Twenty20

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