You're in good hands. 
Please don't bite the hand that feeds you; 
You're already a handful. Outta hand! 
When living hand to mouth, don't take the law into your own hands.
Underhand! I thought I knew you like the back of my hand.
Your left hand should know what your right hand is doing!
A show of hands ... 
Heavy Hands.
Second Hands. 
Overplayed Hands. 
Free Hands.
Tied Hands
Upper Hands on hand? 
Could you check the devil's playground for Idle Hands?
All hands on deck! 
It is best to keep your hands full by getting your hands dirty. 
Who's blood is that on your hands? 
Phew! I'm glad I didn't wash my hands of this prompt. 

Feature Photo Credit: @maggiemaybryan via Twenty20

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