Mostly Untalkative (CW4-2015)

Prompt: Write a scene with two characters. One can’t stop talking and one who has a hard time saying anything at all.

“OMG! So yesterday was so freaking crazy at work. I hate my boss. He’s such a jackass. He’s not the person I though he was when he hired me.”

Pausing only to look around. She says “This place is nice. I could use something to eat.” Ralph looks at her and responds ” Yeah.”

“Anyway.” she continues “there’s so much pressure at work. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Everyone is so stressed.”

She pauses again, scanning the pub “Where’s the waiter?” “Today I wanted to go to the gym but I just couldn’t drag myself away from the office. Meeting after meeting, after meeting. Fire after fire, after fire. You know what I mean?”

“Yeah I know.” Ralph watches her take a sip of sparkling water and reapply her lipstick.

“God! I’m starving. Of course you should know what I mean cause your job is really stressful too … I would think. Being an entrepreneur and all, you must have lots to do.” Staring intently at Ralph, she goes on.

“Maybe we should start something together. I could quit my job and you could continue doing what you’re doing and I could join you. What do you think about that?” Not skipping a beat and leaving him to wonder if she expected an answer

“Finally! I’ll have the sirloin. Medium rare;sauce on the side. With garlic mash and a side of mushrooms. Can I get a Cosmo too please”

“And for you sir?”

“I’ll have what she’s having. Except baked potato. Sauce not on the side and I like my steak rare. Oh and no mushrooms. Grand Marnier neat.”

“So! What do you think?” she asks as the waiter walks away.

Ralph scurries to get caught up thinking – “What do I think of …” And before he could finish his thought.

“Oh my gosh! I forgot to tell you. Christine had her baby. You remember my friend Christine right? The Venture Capitalist. Actually, I should put you in touch with her in case you decide to go public.” Sips her Cosmo and continues.

“She’s so lucky. One whole year off. Well … maybe not so lucky. Her husband is a total douche and she has a newborn to take care of. You picked the perfect place. It’s cozy but not shitty, if you know what I mean.”

Ralph swirls his drink, inhales. She admires the atmosphere and he admires her. Her lips. Her eyes; a calm blue – maybe they should have been brighter to match her personality. “Yes. I know what you mean.” Ralph says with a smile.

“By the way.” She continues between bites. ” My mom is coming to visit. She’s staying for 10 days. That’s 9 days too long. I love my mom and everything but I can’t stand her. I’m gonna take her out to …

Thank you @eef89 via Twenty20 for the photo. Photo Credit

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