Seashells by Seashores

Hey! You wouldn’t believe who I ran into today. Shelia! What you mean Sheila who!? Shelia man! … … Brown skin Shelia who sold seashells by the seashore. Yeah! THAT Shelia! We caught up for a bit – She left retail and stopped selling seashells long ago; they like postcards, don’t make no money. Now? Shelia’s immersed throat deep in the human trafficking and sex work industry.

I thought I was in trouble with my boss today. Dude sent me a text; I got it well into the meeting I wasn’t supposed to attend. Plus, I didn’t see the email he sent yesterday afternoon telling me not to go. AND to top it all off, right after I replied to his text, I was like … Shhhhhhhhhhit! I could have said that better, or different or not at all. 

The meeting’s over, and my phone rings. It’s Bossman! Oh shit! I thought I was in for some tremendously biblical trials and tribulations. We cool! Sam! You don’t always have to say shit that immediately comes to your mind. OMFG. Anyway, you seen the new cell phones and laptops that come equipped with an AI taser-type thing? It learns about your trends then sends electric shocks via fingertips if it suspects you’re replying too quickly to an email or text. STOP. DROP and THINK. I’m gonna get the retrofit version. Over time it might stop my heart, but I can live with that.

The vet called me today. He’s still concerned with Archie cause he’s not pooing. That sucks – I figured he was out the burrow, but I guess not yet.

I rearranged my bedroom again this evening. The ambiance is mad sexy – the music, the lighting, the sandalwoodsy scent coming from the diffuser. My room is ready for sex. Me? That’s another story.

If you decide to have rendezvous with strangers in stranger rooms, protect your organs with body armour – cause you never know. Recommendation from Shelia. She’s also into organ trafficking.

🎶 I’ve been really tryin’, baby. Tryin’ to hold back this feeling for so long. And if you feel like I feel, baby. Then, come on. Let’s get it on. Oooooh baby, let’s get it on. Let’s love, baby 🎶

I wonder if sleeping in chainmail would be uncomfortable?

Wed Feb 09, 2022

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