See Sam Go

Is the typewriter smoking?

Do you remember those Dick and Jane books? I’d like to get my hands on the originals. Did I ever tell you about the haunted crane across the street from Dee’s place? Story for another time.

I’m finding IG annoying – I know! You’re probably rolling your eyes. But a lot of the people who say they are poets aren’t actually poets; they only do quotes. As in, they quote writers and poets. And I recently disabled comments because people, make requests, for me to follow them back or “promote on xyz.” When I go to their site/page/account, it has nothing to do with poetry. Then I read that’s how people try to get followers.

Initially, I read that IG was good for writers, but now I’m wondering if there are genuine writers/poets. So far, I found two, maybe three. Found lots of painters though. I don’t spend much time on that platform – I post, like a couple of stuffs, and then I get off. (not like that).

I might switch to the business account – it’s free. I can schedule posts, but aside from that, I see no other benefits. Not yet, at least.

I had a dream that these metal washer things were falling out of my ears, all different sizes and colours, but when they hit the ground, they didn’t make a sound. And then I was going outside but didn’t realize my dress was stuck in my leafy green and white undies, and someone on the elevator fixed it for me.

Maybe that’s a sign that I shouldn’t be mean to elevator lazies … Nah!

Thu Oct 20, 2022

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