Baby Go Splat

I officially have a 10lb nephew … (save your cheers to the end please. I got more to tell you).

… Born Thu May 25 at ~ 8:11 am EST. He was hooked up to a CPAP because of fluid in his lungs but as of 3:00 pm today, all his respiratory components are functioning as designed. I was ecstatic !!! The boy looked like a masked killer from the most horrific movie ever. Mom was happy too because she finally got to hold her baby … but whatever.

Awwww 🙂

Yesterday, while getting wheeled to the nursery, I thought, wow. this hallway goes on for miles.“Have you ever had the urge to take off running with a patient?” The nurse thought about it and then told us a story about her brother when he broke his leg and she had fun running around the hospital with him in the wheelchair but that was back home and she’s never done anything like that as a nurse. (I bet!)

This morning, when we were visiting, I asked the pediatric NP, “Do you tell people when their babies are ugly?”

My sister gave me a What is wrong with you!? look. The nurse smiled and said, “There are no ugly babies. Some are cuter than others.” I laughed and my sister responded, “That’s a very diplomatic answer.”

Hospitals can be fun – once I don’t have to stay there. Maybe tomorrow I will ask one lucky nurse, “Have you ever killed a patient?” I could see them during their morning rounds … “Oh. My. GAWD. Have you seen the shockingly repulsive baby in room 403!? It’d be a crime to let that thing leave the hospital!”

I’ve been up and down and all around … I suspect I will sleep well tonight! I wonder if the cutest babies sleep the best?

Fri May 26, 2023

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