In/di/visible (Sonnet XV)

at any specific length. at
any time, do you ever wonder
as you go about, of the people 
you happen to encounter
the invisible baggage, they 
may be buckling under
the strength they may
require to not flounder

the unwavering requisite 
support needed to get over
What of the people where 
safe spaces are shared
near but can feel so far away 
- an invisible enclosure
Although our eyes function
we are visually impaired

You! A face in the crowd
taking the train together 
but we are miles a-part
decisions complicated 
by choice variety and 
obligations to live by
buried deep in my worries
to the steeple. No time 
for other people
- whole or in-part
with my worries
I cannot worry 
about you too
of care, I am

How could you not 
notice me
get to know me ... 
in this packed train
this shared home
we are only close 
in time-space proximity
A turn of face, of volume
did you foresee, would 
leave ... no room for me
A has-been, used ... to be
your indifference 
shines on me
from all directions
most brilliantly

I wish to be valued - every part 
to have - a place ... in your heart

Inspired by the guy I saw on the subway last Saturday, who I am sure was contemplating suicide.


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