Bunny Floppin’ Fabulous

Today was/is a full of wonder day.

I got off the streetcar one stop too soon and went right instead of left on Adeliade but I still made it on time! Yay me!

Look! A koala!

I hugged almost everybody I saw at work. AND in addition to that, I saw Glowbee this morning rockin’ some sweet custom Vans (She’s got great taste 😉 ). Then I got a ride in our CTO’s sexy-ass Tesla. AND later, after stuffin’ my face, me saw Brotherbee in the afternoon.

My coworker has a dog who’s fun to hang out with but I gave him two too many chips to eat and I learned that grapes are toxic to doggies. It didn’t occur to me to give him any but OMG if I harmed anyone’s pet or child … I don’t even want to think about it.

As FYI, if you ever invite me anywhere … depending on my mood, after I eat there’s a 50% chance I’ll be ready to leave the establishment forthwith. When coupled with < two hours of sleep, the likelyhood goes up exponentially.


It’s very much delightful I didn’t have to drive. Thank you Bossman!

I have a new respect for our sales team … Sales folks in general because sales is kinda like dating and relationships. You have to find people/companies you think would be good partners. Many of those potentials may not work out after a few dates/meetings. But you gotta keep your game face on and keep trudging away cause your future depends on it.

From in elementary school, when I used to sell myself (erm chocolate) I knew I’d never be good at sales. I don’t have a salesy/fundraisingsy personality. Probably I could handle about three “nos.” After that, you’ll find me in some alley curled up fetally. It will be hailstorming (over me only); my tears will puddle, freezing my face to the pavement and a buncha homeless guys will be peeing on me – without my consent!

Yeah! I always gotta take shit too far!

It’s what I do!


Of course, that was then. I believe I’d be successful at sales now cause before anybody can say no, I’ll bunny flop, and they’ll throw business/money my way, like I’m a stripper. Bunny flops make it rain.

Did you know that fish “sleep”?

Wed Aug 03, 2022

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