Sports! And More Sports!

Dad rearranged his bedroom today, but first, he sketched everything out.

My bedroom rearrangements never go smoothly. And Dre is always like, “Mom! That’s not gonna fit.”

“Let’s just try it.” And he’s always right damn it! You probably already know I’m spatially challenged. Is that a disability?

Dee is working while here, so everything we do will have to be in the evening. She’ll try to get Fridays off. Tomorrow we’re planning to go for dinner at Osamil in Manhatten. 

This I took yesterday. The feature photo was today.

Didn’t do much today. Kinda watched basketball commentary and other highlights and the hockey game and then there will be more other highlights. FYI: ESPN is the default channel here 🙂

Wrote two sonnets, at ten now, and went for a walk with dad. 

Why in baseball do they still have to run around and touch all the bases when they knock it out the park?

Tue Jun 07, 2022

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