Here again, at the corner of Love and Triangle
It could be a Rectangle. Even an Octagon. Perhaps
But see, I was never adept at geometry
Sharing my partner though - that don't feel right to me

Was I first, or was she
I would like to think I had a choice
But see, I believe, he choose for me
Or is that an excuse, because at some point ...
I knew. Was it hope that made me continue

And what was I hoping for ...
From a serial philanderer
That somehow he'd find me worthy 
Enough to change his ways
To love me alone for the rest of his days

Here again, pointing the finger
Looking for a ride-along on Love's Avenue
But if you're going down Triangle Way
I'll come with you
Staying until that relationship falls through

Does anyone value monogamy
I sure do; but in the meantime
I'm down for whatever with you


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