She’s Come Undone

I spent the afternoon with Dee and Sab – chatting and eating and working. Dee helped me with my Social Media Feed art. It’s freezing out again – currently ~ 25 below.

Shushi Taco Night!

OMG! Look:

Rebranding – A pleasant surprise this morning

🎶 She didn’t know what she was headed for. And when I found what she was headed for. It was too late. Too lateeeeee. She’s come undone. She found a mountain that was far too high, and when she found out that she couldn’t fly. Mama, it was too late. It’s too lateeeeeeee. She’s gone too far. She’s lost the sun. Sheeeeeeee’s comeeeeeee undoneeeeeeee. 🎶

Matt received assistance from Mrs. Hudson on the latest version of his resume – Saturday night/Sunday morning. Drè still hasn’t been in touch with her since she offered to help with finding work and getting his GED. (heave).

Remember how yesterday I talked about liking my neighbourhood? Well … that’s partially true until I am navigating a dog shit landmine and holding my breath in a lobby that stinks of vomit. (heave) or stepping over trash in the elevator. Who the fuck are you renting to? If I move a few blocks north or west, I should be alright. When I have a place of my own, if a condo, it will be one that doesn’t allow pets. (then I will likely find some other thing of dissatisfaction). Do you understand humans? I can’t move into the rat condo and Archie and Zoe don’t have enough space for one more person. I wonder … Maybe the teddy bears will take me in? I should have enquired at the picnic.

I no longer wish to take care of my Boys but I must. Of course, knowing how I feel, I wouldn’t get any new children, from relationship or inheritance or otherwise, that would be disastrous for everyone involved and irresponsible of me. I think it’s the same with pets.

Do you ever wonder if you are immune to manipulation? Do you ever wonder about your beliefs – what you believe and why?

Sun Jan 23, 2022

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