UP grounded

There's a screw loose up there
 I can hear it rattling 'round again

 No plans to tighten it this time
 I will be just fine
 If there's only
 one screw loose
 at a time

 Oh now we have several problems
 and there are too many screws loose to solve them 
 (release twenty-two)

 Beach plum
 Demerara rum
 El Dorado, to his senses, cannot come
 In need of some
Glad I'm not the only one

 Tilting my head to share
 I'll have yours
 You have mine 
 I don't care

 Here … Pull up the flatware
 Sit on the floor
 Put the tables on the chair

 Yum … Have a bite of despair!

UP grounded 

Feature Photo Credit: @Jakapan via Twenty20

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