Journal Entry – Thu Oct 29

I hope people find me kind, compassionate, reliable and see me as someone who is knowledgeable, competent, action and results oriented. I slept for three hours today; thought I was onto something. Mind you, I think I forgot to take my B Complex today.

The 12.9″ 1TB iPad Pro (+ the keyboard and pencil) and the Nintendo Switch are on my Christmas/Birthday list. I wanna play Animal Crossing. I love how the characters sound when they talk to each other. The pocket version isn’t the same. If I trade in my first-gen iPad Pro, I could get up to 710$ towards the new one. I better start saving.

BTW – I finally read Carl’s message from Words w/ Strangers, and he wants to know why I stopped talking to him. Let your friends and family help you out with that Brah! I refuse to engage in any more conversations with him. He keeps nudging me to play the game. I don’t know what happens to games that just sit there. Do they expire?

Dee and André have been playing Minecraft every evening for the last few weeks. I’m on level 717 of Homescapes. I have nothing better to do.

Matt’s plan to make croissants fell apart. Apparently, the dough wasn’t sticking together as it should. There’s a whole bunch of butter in that stuff. Now he’s making donuts with the faulty dough. Interesting.

I took a break from the kitchen today, tomorrow even. Likely I’m taking a break from the kitchen for the rest of my life! I feel overworked and under-appreciated.

I plan to spend the rest of my days:

  • Working
  • Playing Animal Crossing
  • Writing random shit that pops in my head and hopefully makes people laugh and think
  • Taking general interest courses that feed my curiosity
  • Getting to the final level of Homescapes before they make more (as of this month, there are 5071 levels.)

Now that I have things to live for, I’m afraid of dying – before I’d just sit at the dock of the bay wasting time (Otis Redding)

Did you know that you don’t have to take your clothes off to have a good time? (Jermaine Stewart). OR … maybe you’d have a better time if you do. Or worse, it all depends on who you’re with and what you’re doing with your clothes.

Feature Photo Credit: @rymotto via Twenty20

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