mom and DAD

My mom, several times said
Don't make a spectacle of yourself
Sit with legs crossed, as if on a shelf
And don't touch anything
Keep your hands to yourself
For little girls - 'tis best to be seen than heard

Don't let anyone push you around
Stand up for yourself. On and off the playground
Every day before school, my dad always said
Defend yourself against bullies, in all their forms
Don't back down! Grab the bull by the horns!

Know your place. My mom admonished
Speak only when spoken to
Address authority after they address you
For little girls - Respect your elders and choke on your words

Question all thing. Scrutinize the source
Understand the angles
The real whys and wherefores
Don't just follow, my dad always said 
Examine your beliefs! Think for yourself!

With Father’s Day on its way, I dedicate this one to my Dad – I love you!


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