I love where I live
Absolutely! Positive!
Nowhere quite like this
Usually when I roam
I cannot wait to go home

I could live anywhere
But my family better be there
A house like no other
Father, Mother, Sister, Brother

I could have a cottage by Muskoka lake
Or live under a snowflake

Maybe a houseboat
Or I could just drift - afloat

What about a hut
With my own AI robot

A Tudor or a Bungalow
On an archipelago

A wrap-around porch Victorian
That's my chosen bestest one

“Absolutely!” is one of my favourite words. It leaves no room for doubt. I love that. And it deserves an exclamation mark. Always. My ex would use it all the time – I think I appreciate it more because of him.
The first half of the poem is a tanka (5-7-5-7-7)


Feature Photo Credit: @uzzy_g via Twenty20

2 thoughts on “Victorian

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  1. I especially love the second half of your poem. “What about a hut, with my own AI robot,” is ABSOLUTELY! my favourite line. I’m imagining the most bare roots type of hut with the most advanced robot–quite the juxtaposition. I love it, Sam.

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