May 23 – Journal Entry

Learned a valuable lesson today – writing requires patience.

I wish all my stories came to me in a flash – slap dash (I just said that cause it rhymes). I finished my Flowers – Jibber Jabber Prompt that I been slaving over all week (in a good way.) I focused on my writing today and finished it. Just over 1600 words. Yay!

Of course, I also threw in a movie or two – There’s always room for a movie (not Jell-O, because that’s empty calories AND it reminds me of the convicted sex assault perv. that played Cliff Huxtable – I don’t want to pollute my journal even more by writing his name.) I’m keeping this one short I want to get back to my prompts – have two remaining, Sign and Short, then I’m caught up,. I leave you with a joke …

Have I ever told you the one about the hillbilly and the mirror? So an old hillbilly lives his whole life in the remote wilderness of the Kentucky mountains and he decides that it’s time to visit the big city. So he goes to Lexington. And when he gets to Lexington he goes in a store and he picks up a mirror. And he’s never seen a mirror before and so he looks in it and says, “How ’bout that! Here’s a picture of my daddy.” So the hillbilly buys that mirror and he starts home.

He looks at it a couple more times on his way home and he thinks, “Damn! That’s a good picture of my daddy.” But then he remembers that his wife didn’t like his father. So when he gets home he hangs the mirror up in one of the horse stalls in the barn so she won’t see it.

Every morning before leaving for the fields he goes out to the barn and he looks at it. So his wife starts to get suspicious with all these trips he’s making to the barn. So one day after her husband leaves for the fields, she searches through the barn and she finds the mirror and she looks into the glass and says, “So, that’s the ugly bitch he’s been running around with!”

Joe Bob Briggs – Season 2, Week 5: The Exorcist III

Finding out who writes his jokes, is on my to-do list.

BTW – The Exorcist III was shit. Don’t spend your time watching it, unless you’re watching it with Joe Bob – Joe Bob makes bad movies better.

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