Beginning at the end. 
  • I’d like us to just watch the movie this time, please.
  • All I had left was five bucks, a bottle cap and some gum.
  • The security guards chased John through the office and into the stairwell.
  • I never said I wanted to be your girlfriend!
  • Nooo! Anything but the ramekins.
  • We don’t do deep-fried turkey during the holidays anymore. 
  • You tell the best stories!

This is similar to an exercise in my creative writing class. We had to write as many stories as we could in 15 minutes, using six words only. Sometimes when I think about what to write, I consider where I want to end up – This is a collection of endings.


Feature Photo Credit: @TonyTheTigersSon via Twenty20

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  1. Beginning with the end in mind, very interesting. In my short stories, I just start writing & have no idea where it’ll go. Often, I surprise myself.

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