May 6 – Journal Entry

My boss read my email and suggested we meet this Friday – I am happy and nervous. I get angry and say shit. Then I’m like, oh shit, I shouldn’t have said shit. Too late. I completed the org chart today. Now I need to figure out how I am going to eventually tie the people into the OKRs based on the core product once I open this up for feedback. To be continued …

I bit the bullet and paid for a six-month subscription to eHarmony, but I didn’t post any pictures yet – Watch, the time is going to fly by, and I will have wasted my money. Dog Walker is still messaging me – He messaged me on POF, yesterday maybe 🤔. Dude! If I don’t respond to your text, why do you think I will respond to you on POF – It’s too late baby now, it’s too late. Done and dusted. lol. 

I’ve never bitten an actual bullet, but I wouldn’t mind catching a hot bullet in my teeth like Bruce Leroy in The Last Dragon (1985). Cooooool. I bet everybody wishes they could catch a bullet in their teeth or stop bullets like Neo. I wish I could learn new stuff like they did in The Matrix (1999) – Can I get some ninja skills please?

All the clients that jumped ship and decided they were going to put a hold on their projects in March are coming back to the ship in speedboats. I’m not going to have time to write – I can feel it already, and it’s bumming me out. I am looking for a disco ball – When I get it, I’m gonna turn it on, blast my music and dance. I’ll annoy the boys, instead of them annoying me – How you like that!

In one of the April Discover Prompts the book Writing Down the Bones, was mentioned. I was like, hmmm, that sounds familiar, so I went digging through my collection and – I – found – it. It’s been sitting on my desk. I open it today, just because and landed on:

In order to improve your writing, you have to practice just like any other sport. But don’t be dutiful and make it into a blind routine. Don’t just put in your time. That is not enough. You have to make great effort. Be willing to put your whole life on the line when you sit down for writing practice.

Writing Down the Bones – Natalie Goldberg

I know I didn’t cite the book properly, too tired to look it up. That quote is from the Goody-Two-Shoes Nature chapter. I am not a GTS. I am a BOS (Baddy-One-Shoe). That was lame-ish. LOL. Although, I haven’t gotten to the point where I can share intimate information – Maybe I will disguise it as fiction. Perfect! But I don’t need to rush.

I found a cat ninja emoji 🐱‍👤… 😍😍😍 AWESOME!!!

Life is good!

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