Stopwatch (CW#27-2015)

Prompt: Using a stopwatch, time an everyday event.

Hmmmmm. After years of being late for everything, including one of my weddings (that was on purpose. Shhh), I am seriously beginning to contemplate taking my ex-wife’s advice.

Yeah that’s right. Ex because she was at least 15 minutes early for everything. Soooooooo annoying. I have my own rhythm. That needs to be respected. Why shouldn’t I follow it?

  • I’ve lost appointments and money from having to pay for failing to keep those appointments
  • Friends (Whatever happened to accepting people for who they are?)
  • Jobs (Flex hours. I mean, if I tell you I’m gonna be there when I get there, what’s the problem?)
  • Family (Definitely should have more understanding from them.)
  • Wives (Whatever! People are seasonal!)

The art of losing really isn’t hard to master.

Do I need the things I’ve lost? I like going to bed at 2 am, waking at 4 am, going back to bed at 8 am, waking noonish. Not sure how much longer I can though, my parents want me out of their basement. Aren’t we forever our parent’s children? Mom always tells me I’m still her baby. Women and their mixed messages!

Here I am. Alone. In my parent’s basement. 10d: 5h: 57m: 42s before I have to move out. I’m not worried – I’m sure I’ll get an extension. After all, I am my mother’s baby.

Feature Photo Credit: @littlezam7 via Twenty20

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