My First Knot (CW28-2015)

Who knew this day would come
Ready to spread my wings and become
I love to leave
The Power of One

He begs me to return
Not this time
Not ever

I looked around for my stuff
Waiting for my girls to pick me up
Then I saw it, peeking out
From a shoebox

I’ve come a long way
Since I tied my first knot
I carried that with me
A reminder of the past

A placeholder for the future
The bearer of things to come
Right here in this knot
I met him there – my first class

He was my teacher
Five years later, he’s found God
And now I’m the weirdo
The lifestyle isn’t for him anymore

Except in the bedroom of course
He stopped coming with me
Play parties – No more
Forcing me to find a new sub

4 thoughts on “My First Knot (CW28-2015)

Add yours

    1. I didn’t know that. Thank you! Originally, I wrote it in four paragraphs, but it felt better to break it up this way instead.

      I love poetry but never studied it outside of high school. If you have any recommendations for learning more please send 🙂


      1. I think you’re doing just fine. I see my poetry as the cheat-spot for all of my writings. Again, all are. But, poetry has no rules for me of any sort. I just do it very freely. Reading a lot of poems always helps.

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