Fool (Sonnet XXV)

At it again, skiing uphill Gale force winds Slapping my face Disgrace Monumental fights Can I do one thing right The snow is blinding bright Pills! At my bedside On my desk For better or worse This life feels cursed And I cry and endure And sweat and scream “I can’t take it anymore!” Break... Continue Reading →


People want to know, "Why!?" A seemingly simple inquiry Expecting satisfactory explanations To make sense of the nonsensical Those incomprehensible acts From the dark side of human nature Where the moral compass is missing or askew Where any answer given will never be good enough Some do because they can. Because they want to Also,... Continue Reading →

Ammunition (media training)

in full media glory a chance to tell one side of the story know your audience be careful not to offend coworkers and others are depending on you lean a bit or a bit more completely perhaps to the left to the right depending on the situation fence-sitting neutrality sure is alright an interview you... Continue Reading →


DISCLAIMER: Content containing jokes and language that might be triggering for some. Proceed with caution. Resumes, cover letters and business cards should be obsolete! I used to volunteer at a food bank out of this church and disliked every minute of it. People/organizations would donate garbage, wilted veggies, and expired cans of food. I had... Continue Reading →


In God we trust The Birth of a Nation Built on Slavery Subjuctation and Forced Sterilization Brave In full glory Home of the Free (well ... it's supposed to be) Freedom Buckling In this Perilous fight Under The proudly held Stars and stripes Flag As a call for Equal Rights Or the other To maintain... Continue Reading →


My interpersonality won't allow me to keep my mouth shut! (but) Communication issues become apparent when talking to people who listen only for what they want to hear Oh dear!

Puppet (Sonnet XVIII)

What would I give for a true relationship To bask in the beauty of being wide-open And from courtship, all falsehoods We strip Even when broken, We speak the unspoken But ... alas … don't We all come with strings Those lengthy yarns loaded with expectations Ropes, anchored to known and unknown things Declarations that... Continue Reading →


The sun rises to meet me by then, I'm waking up my hair music booms as I sing off-key pausing to be thankful in prayer smiles reflect from the skin I wear Black Fist Pik stickin' outta my fro constantly aware of this love affair Looking at my swag! I'm ready to go Yay! I... Continue Reading →

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