And just like that! PoofYour rights can be upendedRevoked! Suspended You thought we were progressive… We break you to our will … Still I wasn't going to say anything but the feeling to write something because Roe v. Wade was overturned would not go away. I cannot excape the news, even when I take a... Continue Reading →


And while suffering Going through what you go through I will do nothing Except get down on my knees Hands praying to God for you Rejoice. Joyful noise Pray for whatever you will Mysterious ways How God does his holy work If nothing happens, don't fret God is not finished With you yet. Wait. Wait.... Continue Reading →

Black II (Sonnet XI)

Eurocentric theories of beauty In practice. Every day, all around Reinforced constantly of my duty To be less brown. In the pale, I drown Blue-eyed blonds are the upper class Intrinsically I know that I do not belong Except only in parts - my lips and my ass To be appropriated as a necessary right/wrong... Continue Reading →

An Invitation

Inspired by Dan Barker's book God: The Most Unpleasant Character In All Fiction and the confirmation that I'm not being lied to, based on my referring back to the KJV of the bible to cross-reference.Please don't get mad at me - instead, use that energy to do your research! And sure, if you decide to pursue and... Continue Reading →

Poverty (Sonnet VII)

Living hand to mouth There exists a severe drought (i doubt) Impoverished lives Self-awareless/ness Promote faulty assumptions (any allowance for interruptions) Impoverished minds A few folks have said We should all be millionaires (it can be done without splitting heirs) There's enough to share And Who said it is ... true! Why believe what you... Continue Reading →


You can look and not see The Beauty in my current Web of Identity You can look and not see The deep-rooted biases upon which we've structured our societies Cities built on discrimination and inequality Feeding racist sentiment without question Finality Cities built foundationally to Hold-back and Deny access to resources and opportunities We call... Continue Reading →


Trees growing out of the ceiling Trains off the track - freewheeling People always telling the truth Bald Eagles playing a fretted lute ... inside of a kissing booth - smooch Compassionate and kind by default We don't place blame; we fix - No one's fault Rabbits crooning when it's time to sleep Living with... Continue Reading →


Here again, at the corner of Love and Triangle It could be a Rectangle. Even an Octagon. Perhaps But see, I was never adept at geometry Sharing my partner though - that don't feel right to me Was I first, or was she I would like to think I had a choice But see, I... Continue Reading →


Social media feed Nibble. Chow down. Feast What more could you possibly need Indeed Devour This is a cinquain - another contempoary poem, inspired by the tanka. Two syllables in the first, four in the second, six, eight then two to end. You have the freedom to add or subtract one syllable per line.+I was... Continue Reading →

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