Fishing With Phil

Phil and Iwent looking, we did.Expecting to findplenty of fish "Hey, Phil! I didn't know spiders eat fish!" "Of course we do. Since I first lived near water, it's my favourite dish." "Hmmm!" "Sam! Grab a spear or a fly! Fish! Get ready to die!" For hours we tried, rested and waited.Becoming overly intoxicated. Fishing... Continue Reading →

Alcazars On Alcatraz

Alpacas on Alcatraz in Alcazars made of glass play hide and seek with albatrosses in fast cars Every year, flora, fauna, and folk gather to watch the show from near and far But, at the end of the game they don't party in trees like dogs They go to bars Drink fancy cocktails and smoke... Continue Reading →

Seashells by Seashores

Hey! You wouldn't believe who I ran into today. Shelia! What you mean Sheila who!? Shelia man! ... ... Brown skin Shelia who sold seashells by the seashore. Yeah! THAT Shelia! We caught up for a bit - She left retail and stopped selling seashells long ago; they like postcards, don't make no money. Now?... Continue Reading →

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