And Then One Day …

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Oy! So uncomfortable am I. Thinks I gots me some osteopsoriaporosis over the weekend - my bones are itchy. Good news ... my bag is packed for the office, I hope what I have is contagious - Why is sharing only caring when you got good shit to give away? 🎶 It's been a long... Continue Reading →

Almost Doesn’t Count

And fuck potential ... You either are or you are not. Can't drive a car that's still being assembled yeah! BTW: Literally, earlier today, I don't have a pot to piss in! (and toilets aren't my thing.) You know why? Because all of them are dirty. All of them! Every single one! (I tried peeing... Continue Reading →

Everything Mostly Sucks

While drawing my book fridge I ran into a few structural design issues - I have to think them through and I need a bigger sheet of paper because book refrigerators take up more space than rear-view walking mirrors. I have a confession to make ... When The Artist's Way found me, my first instinct... Continue Reading →

Recognize (Sonnet XXVI)

Be gentle Men I am An acquired taste For mature palates, only A delicate Succulent Morsel Waiting For Gentle Men Who know How/When To get rough Restraining Renaming Re/Training Men Who know How to Express affection Give and receive love Who aren't afraid of Respectful confrontations The full range of emotions (well ... if that... Continue Reading →

Rain Rain

The rain is bummin' me out man! Got my bag packed for the office tomorrow. Why the fuck are you telling me that!? I'm taking a break from sleeping out at Dee's place and any other major changes (which might be minor to others) in the interim because the slightest deviation means I can't stick... Continue Reading →

Yes And What Now

There are many of fat people at the Second City. Because why? The First City shunned them. When I become non-fat but still flavourable will I fit in? Everyone will hate me and accuse me of body shaming but I can only body shame you if you first are ashamed of your body. Take some... Continue Reading →

Cold and Wet

🎶 It’s a nice day for a white wedding. 🎶 No! No, it’s not Billy! Have you seen outside!? Evening wake-up song ... 🎶Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday loveSunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday loveWhen I think about youMy feelings can't explainWhy after all this timeMy heart still feels painWhen I look... Continue Reading →

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