And Then One Day …

I Got Lots

Why is the time on the lock screen so massive! Why! Is everyone with an iPhone visually impaired all of a sudden! It's this mediocre customization - "You can have these fonts for this thing only and sorry but, you cannot resize it." I don't even like any of the shitty clock fonts they selected... Continue Reading →

Routine Commitments

Yesterday I didn't have a name for my Euccplatus Tree Gazette post, but when I did a preview, I liked how it looked without a title, and I also like how it looks when I view the layout - in the future, if a title doesn't come to me, I will leave it blank and... Continue Reading →

The other day I was reading something Dee shared with me, work-related, and I think I'd like to do copywriting as a side gig. I didn't even know that was a thing. I get distracted easily, but I get back on track just as. I don't know how to get paid for freelance work. Gotta... Continue Reading →


In the deluge, a bee took refuge Landing on my windowpane Hello! I've never seen you before will I see you again I've stopped by momentarily to get out of the storm. I'm behind my quota and along with the rain the wind is not warm Play a song while you wait That! And your... Continue Reading →

Going Again

I spend way less time preparing and posting to IG (15 min tops - most of that is deciding on the poem) and grrrr … I kinda wanna go back and edit all my previous posts. I might. Now is the best time. This kinda reminds me of when I learned that I should put... Continue Reading →

Dating Undesirables

So … I've been thinking about dating. AGAIN. I'd have to take new photos. Problem is, I barely have clothes that fit; I might just take naked pics. If you like how I look naked, you shouldn't have any issue with me fully clothed. Right? Although … my future calendar-quarter-life partner may not appreciate everyone... Continue Reading →

Achey Breaky Art

I feel blah, like I ate something wrong - lousy timing because I have a busy week ahead. At least I can take calls (sans video) and read while on the toilet if that is where I end up. Cover: Of Love & War by Lynsey Addario I am going to bed - let's see... Continue Reading →


I asked my children their thoughts of me Speak! Honestly! You are strange and don't behave as a mother should Your ability to nurture is … ungood Left to our own devices Making no … sacrifices Did I renege on parental responsibility or planted expectations of what a mother should be I struggle to reconcile... Continue Reading →

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