And Then One Day …

Just Dance

I'm pleased to say - today was a good day. 🎶 One day at a time sweet Jesus 🎶 Dre cooked a yummy lunch and Matt wrote a poem. 🙂 When I have information to share I have to make sure I am not telling someone else's story without permission or by mistake especially when... Continue Reading →

Sun Down

Now I know why they call it the nuclear family; one day, you're going about your business, and the whole thing blows up, ripping off your face and scattering your body parts to kingdom come. (heavy sigh). Having to tell someone what to do at every step is exhausting. Having to be with them to... Continue Reading →

I Gotta Not Be Me

... Sometimes I swirl too long in the whirlpool of despair when the thing I thought everybody thought was as horrible for them as it was for me. After a few days/weeks/months, only then do I wonder, Did I even need to be in the damn whirlpool. The story of my every day. Ugh! Why... Continue Reading →

Lickety Split

There's a freezing rain warning out. When I used to spend summers in NYC, my brothers and I played video games at the bodega across the street - they had a little backroom arcade with Street Fighter, Mario Bros. and maybe Donkey Kong. I learned more about copyright, trademark and fair use. WordPress customer service... Continue Reading →

Level Up

OMG Fortnite is intense and required much coordination. I'm a SweetLeopon2xxxx - I can't figure out how to change my name. In my first solo game, I was attacked by a bore and shot dead BUT I came in #26 out of #100. In the heat of the battle, I cannot remember what any of... Continue Reading →

Greenhouse Fire

If my plants survive the winter, when I repot, I will use pots with drainage holes only. I can never tell if I am under or over-watering my plants - even beginner plants don't do well with me. If all that fails, I will buy every variation of the snake plant. The fiddle leaf fig... Continue Reading →

Violet Gumshoe

It's Friday the thirteenth! Yay! Almost all gum on the market has aspartame in it. Today I was looking for Hubba-Bubba and the gum with the comic strip, Bazooka? Those aren't at any of the nearby inconvenience stores. ugh! I have moments of childhood candy cravings; they don't often happen, thank goodness. Do you remember... Continue Reading →

A Song – Waiting to be Sung

It's sad to think but my drawing may have to recline a bit for the next few months while I incorporate more exercise and get my brain used to making appropriate nutrition decisions without much effort (habit). I had an awful dream ... brown domestic sewage water fell from the sky and messed up my... Continue Reading →


Why do people have to do gross shit in public? Ear wax digging. Booger picking. Hocking+Spitting. Vomiting. Defecating. Did I tell you about the time someone took a dump on one of the subway platforms? AND worse of all, at a station with a readily available bathroom. Guess they didn't know that or forgot the... Continue Reading →

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