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… And right smack dab in the middle of the Transformation Building Blocks lesson is the mention of data analytics – I knew it! There is a place for both of them in my career life. In addition to other pieces, data-based decision-making is essential to successful transformations. Duh!!!

I mean … you could go with your gut; Ain’t nobody, including somebody else’s common sense, can stop you. To cover your bases, also pray to the Lucky Charms Leprechaun …

“Dear Lucky Charms Dude. Although I have no intentions of doing market research or including my employees’ and valued customers’ input, I’d like you to please literally rain down marshmallow charms onto our main office building. This will give the stakeholders confidence that I know what I am doing. Please let his project be the one that makes it. Amen”

Some Executive Somewhere Right Now

Back to reality – You remember how I fell in love with data? When Bossman asked me to put together a dashboard for him, and it evolved from there. I’ve seen instances where employees have the opportunity to give their input and don’t – maybe they don’t care or see the point – Maybe they have a “this is how we’ve always done it mentality.”

If something smiles, it’s friendly right? (from – 13 Creepy Paintings article)

I think this spider is from another dimension because it has ten legs and one eye – or his hairfur is covering the other one. AND he has a secret, that’s why he’s smiling – maybe he’s a shapeshifter. He could be female, or non-binary, but he looks like a he to me. Which could spark a whole other discussion.

That is what I love about all art – The artist can make whatever they want and the viewer can make it whatever they want. And who has the final say? Is it even necessary?

Got stats for ya – only thing, I don’t like that they didn’t mention how old the stats are, or I missed it, but the article was written in 2019 so the stats are likely a few years older:

  • 91% of organisations are feeling the impact of disruptive technology
  • 56% of CEOs expect disruption to come from outside a company
  • 59% of senior executives say their organisations struggle to implement strategy
  • 94% of executives say they face challenges when trying to create a culture of change
  • 38% of executives say employees see change as a threat to their jobs
  • $1m is wasted globally every 20 seconds due to poor strategy implementation
  • $5bn is wasted globally every day due to poor strategy implementation
  • $2trn is wasted globally every year due to poor strategy implementation

According to Forbes Insights, executives believe that the implementation of a well-designed strategy depends on smart technology choices and project management prowess. “The strategy-implementation gap creates tremendous opportunity for the profession,” Anderson told World Finance. “We’re already seeing a growing demand for skilled project managers, as they are more frequently being recognised as the people who take ideas and turn them into reality.”

Fuck Yeah!

I hate putting links in my posts – because links die. If you are interested, try searching for World Finance-Strategy-Brightline Initiative Closing Gap Between Strategy Design and Delivery – You’re likely to find it on Brightline’s site with reference to World Finance article at the end.


Anyhow … I keep having this recurring dream. It’s 1900s Toronto, they’re building an above-ground rail system, and some of the structures that hold up the streetcars are being attached to buildings, kinda how Aliens build their nests, but it looks bright, futuristic, not scary or dark. I have no idea how I am involved in the process, but I am. I will try to draw it – we’ll see what happens. 

Completed in my sketchbook – then took pic for Procreate

BTW – I don’t like the paper in this book – how it feels or how it looks. It’s flimsy, gray and gross. Don’t buy your sketchbooks online.

Finally – I combined the Smiling Spider and got this!
Mon Oct 31, 2022

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