I’m Out Of Advil

… which may cause me to kill. I couldn’t be homicidal right now though, I’m moving way too slow.

Well, I have to wait until Friday, Oct 14 at 1:30 pm for my physio appointment. In the meantime, I refuse to suffer in silence. Can you hear me screaming? I didn’t’ even do any course work today.

Isn’t the feature photo funny? It popped up when I did a search for “investigate” on Pixabay.

Tuesday morning wake-up song! I never know what song will be playing in my head but it’s alway a pleasant surprise – sometimes they repeat but often they are different.

🎶 Aaaaall my exes live in Texas. And Texas is the place I’d love to be.
But all my exes live in Texas, so I hang my hat in Tennesseeeee.
Rosanna’s in Texarkana. Wanted me to push her broom.
Sweet Eileen’s in Abilene; she forgot I hung the moon.
Allison, in Galveston, somehow lost her sanity.
And Dimples lives in Temple; she’s got the law looking for me.

All My Ex’s Live In Texas – George Strait

I don’t have any exes in Texas but I find the Southern drawl sexy, so … as a priority, I am going to Texas to find my NXS (that’s short for next exes.)


A Moveable Feast - It's funny, engrossing and a bit surreal - It's a collection of notes from his time in Paris. When I get there, I could walk the streets Hemingway did. I wonder if the cafes are still there.

He met other writers in Paris, Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Walsh, Ezra Pound and a few others. 

The term starving artist always made me think of painters, but writers can be starving artists too. Hemingway often went hungry and was too poor to buy books, but he could rent them from the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. 

He did feel that being hungry enhanced his writing ... this sounds like what we know now about the benefits of fasting.

Do you know where your ex’s are?

Should you care to, George could find them for you.

Tue Oct 11, 2022

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