My New Job

I been wondering, same as how people can “feel” they are the wrong gender or attracted to a different sex/species or no sex, and the myriad of classifications and other things out there that have nothing to do with sex/gender, can people “feel” a particular age or ageless?

I feel I am … I’d say pre-school/school-age range; sometimes, I also “feel” retarded. Seriously though, do you think it is possible to “feel” an age like you could “feel” those other stuffs?

Yesterday my co-worker said me a joke and I forgot to share it with you – I cannot say it exactly how he said it, so I will say for to you how I remember it:

A guy is groaning and writhing on the sidewalk.
People give him awkward glances but keep walking.
Finally, a lady stops, “Are you ok sir?”
Between groans and writhes, he replies,
“Call me an ambulance.”
“An ambulance.”
She says then continues her way,
and he continues his.

lmao … lmpo – I will laugh my pants off instead because I don’t feel like laughing my ass off right now. BTW pants off laughing takes much effort. Try it for yourself if you don’t believe me!

I now have two jobs – I was hired to work for Happy Home Planning, a resort company – I find ideal locations and design dream vacation homes for clients. Cool right! I make 6000 pi-something currency per customer.

I take an airplane to work yo! AND I can work whenever I want!

my eye is messed up cause I got stung by a wasp

I should go to bed but I don’t feel sleepy, but I will probably regret it tomorrow morning and I have a meeting I was prepared for today but it got postponed and I don’t know that I will be prepared for it tomorrow. ugh fml!

And why is it so easy to overeat carbs?

Tue Sep 13, 2022

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