Done! Needs Dusting!

I have so much to tell you, even about my last few days in NYC. I will split it up over many articles.

Well … Dee’s all moved into a sweet AF, mostly-trees view, high-tech condo with construction dust all over the place still. The movein process was annoying. We had to take two different elevators, separated by a long ass, dirty hallway.

UGH! I just realized you can’t even see the end of the hallway in this pic. Glad that’s over!

I love you unit. The building, the amenities …

but your movein process is FUCKED UP 

That’s a deal breaker!


All of this made me very excited about my own move. I. Cannot. Wait. Only 1366 days, or three years and almost nine months, till I’m on my own. My Zero Boy Baggage cut-off date is March 23, 2026. One day after Matt turns 20! Come on!

Do you know if elevators are where cranes used to be and how do you move/disassemble a crane? It’s like they just show up overnight. I don’t recall ever seeing a crane get added to a construction site. Maybe it’s a miracle blessing from God. (Not the bible God – then it would more likely be a curse.) ENGINEERING BE DAMNED

Sometimes I find myself starting to pray then I remember who I am praying to and I will stop myself and say stuff I am thankful for instead. God of the bible is such a douche that even if he was real, he’s not listening to my prayers. OR more likely, he is listening and laughing.

Keep praying you … black, nigga bitch!

Ain’t nobody got time for you!

I’m a racist muthafucka bitch!


I’m too busy doing unjust, petty shit.

Fuck off!

God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost of the Bible (All versions)

I done told you I was gonna have fun with this new knowledge! 🥳 (Party Face)

As soon as I got home, I stripped and jumped into a screaming cold shower. I was supposed to draw … sometimes everything feels like a shitty chore, and I just wanna stay in bed all the live long day instead of working on the railroad. I hate when that happens to me. 

When I was in New York there were so many canvas totes on sale in museum stores, which gave me an idea. Instead of buying a new bag I decided to do a silkscreen on the free ones I got from Monocle. Hmm … Actually, I don’t think it’s called screen printing … I have to carve stuff out of this thing, roll ink on it, then press the thing onto the bag. 

Fri Jun 24

Part of me was looking forward to another lazy day, but I had to help Dee move into her new place. Technically she moves in tomorrow. Today we sorted and gathered up stuff and packed the truck.

Loitering at the bus stop, in a parking lot with the Uhaul dude and under a tree.

Wed Jun 22 – Thu Jun 23

I took a sick days 🙂 … It got up to 44 degrees on Wednesday, I think or it could have been Tuesday. Thursday even??? I cannot remember. I’ve been having trouble sleeping all week – figuring it was the heat, I went outside to be closer to the AC, but it didn’t help. I don’t know if I was awake more because of my headache or cause I was hot. 

I go write a new poem and organize/edit my old ones. Do you have a favourite vice? I will tell you what mine is later!

FYI: Matt wrote his phone number on a park bench with “text ‘bagel’ to receive your package.” Two people responded so far!

FYI2: Did I tell you about the dream I had where I found half of a stale hotdog bun sans chien? If I cut a hamburger in half and put it in a hotdog bun does it become a hamburger bun or does it continue to be a hotdog bun?

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