Ten (Sonnet V)

Love came knocking, and I … I looked frantically for a place to hide
Because why? My Love is likely to (F)ail again – And truth be told
I am not as bold as I used to be. Love’s left me so cold – ninefold
Heart shrivelled. Hung to dry. She lays wasted by my bedside
We don’t speak of the failure landslide, only count the tears cried
Might it have been better? Behold! If my Heart were made of gold
Then … imperceptible to Love’s stranglehold, We’d try again. Sold!
Running to embrace Love’s call. Taking things in stride. Flowing with the tide

Riding out heatwaves and thunderstorms. Love freezes, then defrost
My Love! You can go or stay. This Heart and I will be alright either way
We can reflect your loving light and also absorb the heat when we fight
The malleability of my Heart allows Us to restart, keeping spite at bay
We won! The damage, quickly undone. At no cost – Our fingers crossed
Great to see you. Love anew. This time will be alright. Please don’t bite

Named after Francesco Petrarca. The rhyme scheme for the Petrarcan Sonnet is a little more complicated. [compared to the Shakespearean Sonnet]. The first eight lines (or octave) are always rhymed abbaabba. But the final six lines (or sestet) can be rhymed any number of ways: cdcdcd, cdedce, ccdccd, cdecde, or cddcee.

The Complete Guide to Poetic Forms – Robert Lee Brewer

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