May 7 – Journal Entry

Today is the last day of the supermoon for 2020. The previous two nights, the moon was so bright I had to close my curtains. My ex-bf must be enjoying it – He loves the moon. 

My bedroom smells like an old musty basement – Or like a cigarette smoker’s house (if they smoke inside). You know, when the cigarette stink has soaked so deeply into every fabric that you have to throw everything away, stop smoking and start your life all over again. 

Why my room stinks? Many months ago, I bought two essential oils – Natural Re-charge Moroccan Mint and After Hours Cognac & Cigar Whiskey from some brand in Staples that I never heard of – I went for notebooks and came out with essential oils and zero notebooks. I couldn’t find any I liked – Now I don’t have to worry about that because I put all my writings online.

Anyway … I was like, hmmm, Cognac & Cigar Whiskey, that sounds sexy. Today for some reason, I decided to combine them in my diffuser – several drops of each. From the bottle, they don’t smell good on their own either. I don’t know why I thought two bad smells would equal one good one. lol.

Even the boys commented on the stink, and they are always in need of a shower and deodorant. Woohoo! I found a natural boy repellent. They hardly came into my room today, didn’t even knock as often after the first whiff. I saw a reduction in interruptions by about 85%. Unfortunately, I also cannot stand the smell. I need an invisible force field that will knock them back when they approach my door. 

I don’t wish to speak about work today. I am going to brush my teeth – spray my room with some Tranquillity Relaxing Mist from Saje. Turn on my Sherlock Holmes audiobook, browse POF and fall into a blissful sleep with dreams of going postal on my co-workers. 

I’m Joking (with a capital j) about the postal part. I will dream about practicing my Jedi mind tricks, which will make me good at it in real life. 

May the Force be with you always! 🙂

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  1. Huhu. I haven’t had the chance to witness it. I just learnt the news after many of my friends posted their shots of the moon.

    You sound like you have a very interesting day though. ❤

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