Apr 15 – Journal Entry

I had to make a run to PetSmart, needed tank filters and frozen mice. Some jackass on the train decides he’s needs to cough with his mouth wide open, not even attempting to cover his mouth.

Riding back on the subway, I’m looking at the bag with the filters and I’m wondering why the boxes are so big. Turns out I bought two filters instead of filter cartridges.

I love the words in Escape (The Pina Colada song.) Sometimes I overshare.

I have a reminder to drink my water throughout the day. I wish I had a “Don’t eat that garbage!” reminder.

Imagine!!! A bunch of nanobots in my body that could smell the amount of sugar in the junk I’m about to eat. When it’s ~ 12″ from my lips a jolt of electricity runs through my body. If I don’t drop it, the closer the offending food gets to my mouth the stronger the electricity becomes. OMG that would be funny …

I’m in a food court about to have some bubble tea and buzzzzzzz. Then I drop to the floor convulsing, peeing. (I wonder if you pee when you get tased). I think that’s what has to happen to permanently get rid of my sweet tooth. Public shaming.

It doesn’t happen everyday but it has to happen fewer and far far betweener. (that’s a word). The older I get, it doesn’t matter how hard I train, I gotta watch what I eat to maintain results.

I learned about positive and negative space in my art class today 🙂

I wish the Cineplex Store would stop teasing me with movies that aren’t available – I saw the posters for A Quiet Place Part II and No Time to Die, got all excited, clicked the image, it’s still not available to rent or buy. Why list it? SMH!

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