Apr 8 – Journal Entry

So … I know I said I wouldn’t bring up the whole thing about Dog Walker living with someone again, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t test him (evil hand rubbing gestures and laughter). With the long weekend coming up, he asked if he could see me in person – We agreed to keep the social distance. 

I really don’t see the point, but I get it – nothing beats real-life. I guess we could whip out our phones and chat while staring at each other, or yell, so everyone knows our business (I like the second one better).

Suppose all goes well for months and months, then we meet in person after the pandemic and he’s short or has grotesque teeth – that would seriously suck. There’s absolutely no reason why he wouldn’t like me 😉 I digress …

So yeah, he brings up meeting over the long weekend, likely this Friday. We’re trying to figure out where to meet – it’s kind of annoying to do that by text. I don’t want to go somewhere close to home or too remote. Plus, I’ve noticed that, as the weather gets warmer, more people are coming outside. (I looked out my window and the park was packed today)

He says, underground parking lot

Ewwwww no! (he can’t be serious) Of all the places. Then I continue.

Can we talk? It’s hard to make these kinds of plans via text

I can’t … My daughter is still awake and she’ll want to know who I’m talking to.

My girlfriends are convinced he’s living with someone. They think “daughter” is actually “wife,” and they are still very much married, not separated.

For me, I’m thinking, let’s say he really does live with his dog and daughter … do I really want to pursue a relationship with someone who’s 10 year old is running his life? Plus it almost 11 pm, shouldn’t she be sleeping. 

My apologies if you happen to find any spelling errors or just don’t understand what I wrote because I made a mistake. The later I write, the worse it gets. This applies to any of my journal entries. I thought about going back to previous entries and correcting them. However, when I wrote in my notebooks I made mistakes. I didn’t go back and fix those. I want to stay true to the process.

Thank you for spending a few moments with me 🙂


Feature Photo Credit: @pavonne via Twenty20

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