Something’s Not Quite Right (CW3-2015)

Prompt: A time when your character is looking in the mirror and something is not quite right.

“Damn! I can’t find anything to wear.”

“Where did this gut come from? These wrinkles on my forehead. Are these frown lines or laugh lines?” – “Argh! It doesn’t even matter! I look like shit.”

“Honey! We’re going to be late if you don’t hurry up.”

“I’m not going. I can’t find anything to wear and this makeup isn’t helping my face!” “I wanna look the way I did when I was a teenager, love handle free.”

“Babe just go without me.” I say as I crawl back into bed.

“You’re no fun anymore.” he said.

“How can I be fun when …”

“You’re beautiful to me. Wish you could see what I see” [He kisses me, grabs the remote off the nightstand and turns on the TV. ]

I know I said I wouldn’t alter any of my 2015 originals but I couldn’t resist adding info in square brackets at the end. It just felt right. And I guess if I had a partner that’s what I’d want him to do while I dealt with my body image issues

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