Love Swing (Sonnet VI)

Thinking of you, and all you do, for more than seventy-two, hours
I cannot work. Looking forward to play. You’re on my mind all day
Killin’ me. Softly. Slowly. Sweetly. Illustrating … your superpowers
When done battling the fray, I imagine you, taking my stress away

Rhythmic One-Night. Please get here when the sun sets
We mix like, Tonic and Gin. Like, Sex and Sin. Or tension
Like, Rope and Suspension. No space occupied by regrets
Anticipating you in every room; Plus, other places I cannot mention

Waxed and waiting, ready for you to tie me down, just for fun
And waiting too, for the many unexpected things you always do
Proceeding, unscripted. Possibly twisted. You have my approval hun
Do to me, what no one else has done. And I will stick to you, like glue

(only if, you want me to)

Fond memories of my chosen imprisonment in the swing. Love sling
Playing the Isleys. While you made my body, every part of me, sing

Feature Photo Credit: Jaesung An from Pixabay

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