I asked my children their thoughts of me Speak! Honestly! You are strange and don't behave as a mother should Your ability to nurture is … ungood Left to our own devices Making no … sacrifices Did I renege on parental responsibility or planted expectations of what a mother should be I struggle to reconcile... Continue Reading →


Flamboyant birds Spicy chicks Undomesticated Nuanced and alluring Cultivated to suit their discerning tastes Don't run with herds or swim with fish … Savoury! But NOT of the avian variety I hope this poem doesn't feel demeaning to anyone. You should know me better than that. But I feel it needs to be said. Just... Continue Reading →

Alcazars On Alcatraz

Alpacas on Alcatraz in Alcazars made of glass play hide and seek with albatrosses in fast cars Every year, flora, fauna, and folk gather to watch the show from near and far But, at the end of the game they don't party in trees like dogs They go to bars Drink fancy cocktails and smoke... Continue Reading →

True Intimacy

With your tenderness sensitivity Attract me Keep me close With your hugs kisses love Dazzle me With your kindness vulnerability Cry when you need to I will be there to hold and comfort you Always you will be (even more of) a Man to me With your openness agreeability continue to Entrance me Sammi's Weekend... Continue Reading →

Now When

Singing songs of slavery With pleasureHistory's harshness hisses at mesibilantly: Child Descendant of slavesIn this civilized world ofself-interestsYou're not freeWill never be Sammi's Weekend Writing Prompt Thank you Sammi - A new word for my vocab!


If you want to dance with me Let's meet at the jamboree But first, stop by for tea And while we’re enjoying a pint (of tea) I'll introduce you to my friend Phil A bold jumping spider with superior skill who decided to live with his girlfriend Jill on my sunny windowsill Although of the... Continue Reading →


Every three hundred and sixty-five days I promise to put more life into my years Rethinking what it means to be selfish Without being mean or unkind I'm devoting time to me and mine It may feel foreign at first but You just need to rehearse Thank you Sammi! Sammi's Weekend Writing Prompt

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