If you were a book what kind of book would you be? I am a cookbook ... Naturally! Recipes are simple, yet divine Owners have left their indelible design on these many pages of mine With smudges of fudge Seasonings of love ... Please don't judge Recipe Visit dVerse to participate - this is quadrille... Continue Reading →


Where does my curiosity lay Many several places; cannot exactly say I wonder where puppets go when they die and how many condors must pick me up to fly But the one thing I am most curious of Can I, undeniably, identify ... True Love Undeniable Feature Photo Credit: @instafraner via Twenty20


Reasons and excuses. Exchanging usage Wounded by the words you say Emotional devastation I cannot downplay Hanging around my neck - Nooses Verbal sewage Pontificate - Listen to me, or else Bleeding. Black, red and blue. Purple too Wounds - when I unfollow you Broken @shajni via Twenty20 Feature Photo Credit: @kateryna1_kat via Twenty20

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