Working Breakfast

Every Friday someone would bring breakfast to work for the entire office. This Friday, Carlos brought a number of different pastries, including danishes, croissants, donuts, cinnamon buns and muffins. Plus various meats, cheeses. Fruits and vegetables (that nobody cared about).

This week we even got some Portuguese specific pastries. Pastel De Nata, it’s a tart but with custard. Pao de Deus, think dinner roll with a coconut sugar topping (I’m not doing it justice) and Palmiers – puff pastry coated in sugar and shaped like a heart (so good).

Sarah was always the first in the kitchen for breakfast after the call was made. Like always! Her desk wasn’t even that close to the kitchen. I think she stood at the entrance, drooling and waiting.

This particular Friday, a bunch of us also got there quickly. I thing the call of the Portuguese pastries enticed everyone to stop working and get to the kitchen fast because we knew there weren’t going to be as many of the “special” baked goods.

We walked in to find Sarah breathing heavily while biting a danish and caressing the croissants on her plate. We paused. She froze.

We grabbed our Pastel De Natas, Pao de Deus’, Palmiers’, etc and promptly made our way to the breakout room; giving Sarah the space to be.

All is well with the world. It’s not everyday you get authentic Portugal pastries.

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