The Boys-VII

The Background: André keeps bugging me to order food from KINTON RAMEN The Convo: Me: I am not ordering ramen again. If you want ramen so bad, go buy one of the packets. Boil an egg, fry some bacon and chop a green onion. André: Mom! That's not the same. Think about it. That's like... Continue Reading →

Apr 30 – Journal Entry

The Discover One Word Prompts are officially over, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. I will participate in Jibber Jabber prompts. This is post 100!!! Woohoo! Today I bought steak from Joey's - medium-rare. They sent well-done - there wasn't a trace of pink. I couldn't even bite into it. Well-done shouldn't be an... Continue Reading →

Apr 28 – Journal Entry

よろしく(nice to meet you) Sometimes when I write my post late at night, I get confused the next day on whether I wrote in my journal or not. Like the days are blending or something. My 16-year-old acts like he's four sometimes. I dedicated two posts to the boys today. I was gonna put it... Continue Reading →

The Boys-VI

The Background: It's pandemic season. I'm taking a break from work to make lunch, and André, my 16-year-old, is bugging me because he wants me to look at something. The Convo: André: Mom look at this. Look what I can do. Me: Can't right now. I have to finish this and get back to work.... Continue Reading →

Apr 26 – Journal Entry

Today I was looking for a horror movie to watch and found Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made. I didn't watch it. Couldn't. It's supposed to be cursed, and you might die after watching it - like the cursed videotape in The Ring or the voicemail in One Missed Call. Only the characters in those movies died, they didn't... Continue Reading →

Apr 25 – Journal Entry

For the first time, I am writing my journal before finishing the Discover One Word Prompt. And ... for the first time, I probably won't finish writing my prompt today. So sad. I did a full workday - All the time I missed this week because of my migraine, I'm making it up today, and probably tomorrow... Continue Reading →


It's summer. I don't keep track of the boys' comings and goings. Struggling to do it during the school year is enough. What this means? They are left to lead their lives how they see fit. Often, when I get up for work at 3:45 am Matt is still awake. And I think "geeze! Should... Continue Reading →


The Background: Up late with Matt, he's 13. We're looking for something to watch on Netflix. The Convo: Me: How bout this? Matt: No! That looks stupid. Me: You look stupid. Matt: That's not something you should say to your child but whatever.

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