Speech Of Streams

Nature was calling (not that one. the other) So I went outside to write But that babbling brook with its incessant talking I had to come back inside


And just like that! PoofYour rights can be upendedRevoked! Suspended You thought we were progressive… We break you to our will … Still I wasn't going to say anything but the feeling to write something because Roe v. Wade was overturned would not go away. I cannot excape the news, even when I take a... Continue Reading →


And while suffering Going through what you go through I will do nothing Except get down on my knees Hands praying to God for you Rejoice. Joyful noise Pray for whatever you will Mysterious ways How God does his holy work If nothing happens, don't fret God is not finished With you yet. Wait. Wait.... Continue Reading →


If pictures could speak Are a thousand words enough to tell us the Truth A Truth we cannot dispute Who owns these words anyway ... Think of the message the photographed ones would say Bent Truth or true Truth Can Truth bend without breaking How flexible is the Truth ... And photographer What message are... Continue Reading →


We go on. We doPersonal experiencetells me this is trueAnd when I'm gone. Please "feel"for me and leave the nightlight on


Ms. Mavis Maynard Hello Renaissance Lady You remember me It's Sam. I am ... your first Gran'. Who you understood Always underfoot In the kitchen while you cooked The garden while you planted Veggies and greens and connections and directions Thoughts and ideas Under ... your protective wings ... watchful eye, but free to fly... Continue Reading →


Solar flair. Do stare … As I set fire to the sunRosette in my hairWith Orion’ s belt and shield (Oh) My … Warrior ButterflyStellar Feature Photo Credit: Alex Andrews from Pexels

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