Opposable Thumbs

Since getting locked out the other day, I been trying to teach Zoey how to open the door … "Zo! When I knock three times and call your name, you gotta come open the door for me. Ok!" "First of all. For the third time. Rabbits do not have opposable thumbs. Secondly, I cannot reach... Continue Reading →


What do you know, it's Goldifro If your sister wants porridge we just sold the last bowl Hey Big Baby Bear My sister didn't send me She's still in juvie on several counts of burglary Sorry to hear I guess On second thought … That's probably for the best I'm here, you see, because when... Continue Reading →


The teddy bears are having a picnic Would you like to come with I have an extra ticket We can dance and sing Do the teddy bear swing Among other things Bears don't put on airs Unsquares And when it's time to eat We'll have salmon souffle Baked honeybee larvae Venison with blackberries Leaves and... Continue Reading →

Missfortune Cookie Digestif

... I figure since fortune cookies suck, I will create a more luxuriate adult-only version. Your Missfortune Cookie comes in a slim matte black capsule. Presented on a mini ceramic plate layered in gold leaf beside an elegant Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo titanium reinforced stem glass containing your choice of digestif. Sexy! After enjoying your drink and the... Continue Reading →

The Guardian

This is my watchbird! A California Condor … he also barks. I traced two images from the web using Procreate. Thank you original artists!Sam

Journal Entry – Mon Nov 30

It's almost Christmas. I'm gonna be 47 in 3 weeks 6 days, or 27 days, or 648 hours, or 38,880 minutes, or 2,332,800 seconds. Dee is playing Billy Idol's White Wedding. I told her to turn it up. Something happened at work today, but I will not tell you about it because I know I... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry – Thu Nov 26

Matt made burgers for dinner! My days are dull, and my nights are long. My dreams are still vivid but not as strong. Sometimes my mind makes 3D objects out of spaces. For example, there is a space between my curtain and bed that kinda looks like a triangle - this morning, when I opened... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry – Sun Nov 22

It's been snowing all day. Weeks ago, I was supposed to bring in the rugs and mats from the balcony. I didn't! Hopefully they will survive a wash and dry in the springtime. I am making bubble tea because there's a shortage of UberEats couriers. Then I thought it's for the best. Bubble tea is... Continue Reading →

Journal Entry – Wed Nov 18

We were out and back from the hospital within ninety minutes, Matt and I. He has to go back next year, same time. Likely he was born with nerve damage in his left ear.  There are tiny hairs on the cochlea that transfer sound to the brain (I think). Technically we hear with our brain.... Continue Reading →

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