Repeat (Sonnet XIII)

My spontaneous affectionate expressions of love - in holding hands, kisses and hugs Listening to your starry eyes for impressions Do you want me just as much? Love drugs Neurochemically injecting me with a sudden rush Stomach butterflies and other such, various, beauties Another crush. Being with you ... makes me ... gush Blind to... Continue Reading →

Codependent (Sonnet XII)

I love you as the flowers bloom As the many leaves leave their trees As how lion dandies love the breeze On display. Wearing you like a costume You know your place. Position to assume On your knees. Love infects like a disease And mine is sure to make you feel ill at ease Consume.... Continue Reading →

Black II (Sonnet XI)

Eurocentric theories of beauty In practice. Every day, all around Reinforced constantly of my duty To be less brown. In the pale, I drown Blue-eyed blonds are the upper class Intrinsically I know that I do not belong Except only in parts - my lips and my ass To be appropriated as a necessary right/wrong... Continue Reading →

Resign (Sonnet X)

And tell me when did you forget The many words that were said We're one short of a loving duet Always I dread, our wedding bed Those words, all of them rotten What was laid bare at the altar Is useless as moth eaten cotton Waver and stutter promises falter This was one-sided from the... Continue Reading →

Redo (Sonnet IX)

To sink or to swim When ships capsize The outcome is grim And everything dies What is this thing I've found myself in No life vest to cling How long has it been Is this ship doomed No scraps to salvage Has all been consumed Look at us, now savage Where does love go when... Continue Reading →

Fortunate Abundance (Sonnet VIII)

Watching the ballgame How many innings remain Who's playing again Do I care to know Never mind. I don't think so We order the drinks Please can I get … a Strawberry margarita A draft Heineken Chinwags aplenty My brain and belly sated Applebee's Friendly's Ready for home and bed now Wow! That was way... Continue Reading →

Poverty (Sonnet VII)

Living hand to mouth There exists a severe drought (i doubt) Impoverished lives Self-awareless/ness Promote faulty assumptions (any allowance for interruptions) Impoverished minds A few folks have said We should all be millionaires (it can be done without splitting heirs) There's enough to share And Who said it is ... true! Why believe what you... Continue Reading →

Love Swing (Sonnet VI)

Thinking of you, and all you do, for more than seventy-two, hoursI cannot work. Looking forward to play. You're on my mind all dayKillin' me. Softly. Slowly. Sweetly. Illustrating … your superpowersWhen done battling the fray, I imagine you, taking my stress away Rhythmic One-Night. Please get here when the sun setsWe mix like, Tonic... Continue Reading →

Serendipity (Sonnet III)

Love sweeps you away On seas of nacreous clouds Your Heart bounds and leaps Who knew you'd be here Floating in the exosphere Walking on fresh air That familiar glow Everything looks radiant Sunshine on new snow In whatever form you come True Love! You're always welcome Serendipity

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