Known Unknowns (Sonnet XXI)

in my augmented reality your fragmented visions haunt me inescapable vivid remnants of our dullest days and darkest nights flash across my bedroom ceiling in multi-coloured neon lights creeping along the fringes of my dreams everything we'd never be since maybe circumstances ended it prematurely

Puppet (Sonnet XVIII)

What would I give for a true relationship To bask in the beauty of being wide-open And from courtship, all falsehoods We strip Even when broken, We speak the unspoken But ... alas … don't We all come with strings Those lengthy yarns loaded with expectations Ropes, anchored to known and unknown things Declarations that... Continue Reading →

Well Versed (Sonnet XVII)

I am the truth. Emancipated The very many lies we tell To others and self as well I speak freely. Power! Uncastrated You claim not to love me, but I am not hated In fact, often, my lies are mainly a soft sell Getting my wants without going through hell For this time, where truth... Continue Reading →

Stellar Dynamics (Sonnet XVI)

Let us, as the stars, collide in loving convergency sit for a glide as I let you in ... artfully astride with eager urgency Merge with me. Steady tenderly love spree ready conserve your kinetic energy Dreaming Eating Beaming Repeating Of loyal royalty, we align. Lover of mine and with the stars, we universally shine

In/di/visible (Sonnet XV)

at any specific length. at any time, do you ever wonder as you go about, of the people you happen to encounter the invisible baggage, they may be buckling under the strength they may require to not flounder the unwavering requisite support needed to get over What of the people where safe spaces are shared... Continue Reading →

Repeat (Sonnet XIII)

My spontaneous affectionate expressions of love - in holding hands, kisses and hugs Listening to your starry eyes for impressions Do you want me just as much? Love drugs Neurochemically injecting me with a sudden rush Stomach butterflies and other such, various, beauties Another crush. Being with you ... makes me ... gush Blind to... Continue Reading →

Codependent (Sonnet XII)

I love you as the flowers bloom As the many leaves leave their trees As how lion dandies love the breeze On display. Wearing you like a costume You know your place. Position to assume On your knees. Love infects like a disease And mine is sure to make you feel ill at ease Consume.... Continue Reading →

Black II (Sonnet XI)

Eurocentric theories of beauty In practice. Every day, all around Reinforced constantly of my duty To be less brown. In the pale, I drown Blue-eyed blonds are the upper class Intrinsically I know that I do not belong Except only in parts - my lips and my ass To be appropriated as a necessary right/wrong... Continue Reading →

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