Moon Pies

Got a text from an old friend letting me know he's on his way down from the moon ... I wasn't even done cleaning the kitchen when I heard a knock on the door. "Pies!" He shouts, pushing past me. "Hello to you too. They're on the table." Hating to watch him eat, I head... Continue Reading →

Merrier – For Some (CW19-2015)

I hate sharing my space. My sister's motto - The more, the merrier. Where did all these people come from? Can't they stay somewhere else? Cheapass fucks ... All these thoughts ran through Marta's head as she walks into the one-bedroom apartment shared with her sister, Michelle. Being the angel that she was, Michelle suggested,... Continue Reading →


A while back, I had a group of friends. The five of us would hang out after work - especially during the summer. Some of us were closer than others, and I think that happens naturally. One guy, Simon, had no filter. He would talk about everything to everyone - nothing in his life was... Continue Reading →

Nutcase Suitcase (CW22-2015)

"Today is the first day of the rest of my new and exhilarating, totally unfucked life! I will throw caution to the wind, and I don't care who catches it!" yelled Josephine gleefully. "I vow to defy social norms! I am going to fuck the world and everyone in it." "Jo! can you cut it... Continue Reading →

Directions (CW33-2015)

Prompt: Directions to where you live, from a different time or place using people, landmarks, memories, emotions. Direction One: Jessie remembers being afraid to bathe in that room. Walls painted black, for reasons beyond her comprehension. With a tiny window - pointless, in her opinion, as it didn't let in enough light to illuminate the... Continue Reading →

Stopwatch (CW#27-2015)

Prompt: Using a stopwatch, time an everyday event. Hmmmmm. After years of being late for everything, including one of my weddings (that was on purpose. Shhh), I am seriously beginning to contemplate taking my ex-wife's advice. Yeah that's right. Ex because she was at least 15 minutes early for everything. Soooooooo annoying. I have my... Continue Reading →

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