Opaque (Sonnet XXII)

in the same room once safe spaces now our tomb stifling places a stunning maze of concrete walls between us - displays our silent brawls poured over pain built-up over years yet ... here we remain trapped - smiling veneers among floor to ceiling of palpable distances with no plans to reconcile our differences

Treasured (Sonnet XIX)

This life! In fractions of exquisite escapades On reflection, I recount my almost fifty years Sacred encounters with others, no charades Life! Measured, in skipped heartbeats and tears Summed, in, profound loss, countless discoveries Treasuries of laughter and several valued reveries Death! Eulogies and obituaries. Life! In summaries And of you, I shall carry only... Continue Reading →

Puppet (Sonnet XVIII)

What would I give for a true relationship To bask in the beauty of being wide-open And from courtship, all falsehoods We strip Even when broken, We speak the unspoken But ... alas … don't We all come with strings Those lengthy yarns loaded with expectations Ropes, anchored to known and unknown things Declarations that... Continue Reading →

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