WHENWe are stranded hereTravellers of yesterdayYour multiverse guide WHEREWaiting for my loveAt Burgundy RestaurantOur usual haunt WHERE TOAll throughout the agesLost people we leave behindA timeless passageNo one ever seems to findThe light at the end of life Feature Photo Credit: deselect from Pixabay


Oh my friends and Me We the magnificent three Togetherness - see * Slowly burning hot Our transcending love affair For eternity Yearning persistent romance Still knowing to love deeply * Summer time Cold Tea Right relationship season Hopefully this year Hello 🙂 In my continued love of everything Japan. I decided to expand my... Continue Reading →


Our wretched basementEndless parties undergroundUniversity This isn't the story I wanted to tell. Unfortunately, time does not permit for the detailed attention required to transport you. A story for another time. 🙂 Sam (Feature Photo Credit: @LinaVeresk via Twenty20)

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