My interpersonality won't allow me to keep my mouth shut! (but) Communication issues become apparent when talking to people who listen only for what they want to hear Oh dear!


So sorry! I did not mean to send that My fingers are also fat This is still a Japanese poem (haiku/senryu) because it has seventeen syllables. I've just laid it out differently. Sam


All the things I've lost Waking with buyer's remorse Looking at you … turn Peacefully asleep My stomach churns with regret Thinking of costs and All the things I've lost Friends and family let go Nothing to hold to Unfortunately It's true; all I have is you All I've lost ... includes me too


Easy as whether Changing. Forever better Constant. Go-getter . . . Bank on it Change is heavy Flip a coin Make a wish Say a prayer Effortlessly If only Is it not Adding up to A different sum Of the parts You've become By faith Lucky chance By force of another May or may not... Continue Reading →


Away; yesterday As ice; snow; melts from rooftops You too depart … from my playlist; shared photos; album art my bed; loveseat - one less. From my memory; from … my heart Except our favourite restaurant Now my least. Lest it reminds me of you And I don't want it to. Same … for our... Continue Reading →

Deserving Goodbye (2011)

What happened to the man she met Not so long ago in tranquility she slept Swept away by the things he said Occupied is the space - no longer by his ... Lonely again she never wanted to be Surviving on only memories . . . A beautiful dream Uncomfortable silence Where do they go... Continue Reading →

Win – Daily Word Prompt

COMEUPPANCE - ABRACADABRA - WEATHER BEES People say, cheaters always get their COMEUPPANCE Only that's not true Selfie profiling Impromptu look - Rearrange ABRACADABRA Go-getter girlfriend With enterprising boyfriend All-WEATHER work BEES Compete Comparatively But don't make the same money Feature Photo Credit: @nearscapes via Twenty20

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