Blow Back

Inevitably The winds of change are blowing That is what they say Although, it appears to me Those winds never come this way


I am here for you To extract your Quintessence I am the Wolf And Reflections in your eyes speak Telling me … you are a sheep

Nelson the Roach

Once upon a time, I knew a roach A travelling salesman, he'd always fly coach One day a crew member called him unclean That roach! He created a scene Now no one thinks he's yucky And with the lawsuit money he started a brooch business out in Fayette, Kentucky This was supposed to be my... Continue Reading →

Treasured (Sonnet XIX)

This life! In fractions of exquisite escapades On reflection, I recount my almost fifty years Sacred encounters with others, no charades Life! Measured, in skipped heartbeats and tears Summed, in, profound loss, countless discoveries Treasuries of laughter and several valued reveries Death! Eulogies and obituaries. Life! In summaries And of you, I shall carry only... Continue Reading →

Endless Knot

Late at night I stir the pot of fate Following an afternoon of discontent "What difference does destiny make?" I dine, a meal seasoned with hate Gods sit silently at my round table but don't partake. I scan my plate In search, I imagine greater goods Then I look to the Gods and wait "Please!... Continue Reading →

Puppet (Sonnet XVIII)

What would I give for a true relationship To bask in the beauty of being wide-open And from courtship, all falsehoods We strip Even when broken, We speak the unspoken But ... alas … don't We all come with strings Those lengthy yarns loaded with expectations Ropes, anchored to known and unknown things Declarations that... Continue Reading →


The sun rises to meet me by then, I'm waking up my hair music booms as I sing off-key pausing to be thankful in prayer smiles reflect from the skin I wear Black Fist Pik stickin' outta my fro constantly aware of this love affair Looking at my swag! I'm ready to go Yay! I... Continue Reading →


A Memo From one procrastinator to the next What do you say Let's put off for tomorrow what we can do today Yay Inspired by interactions with my son Dre! I love you Pixie Poo! (aka Dre the Douche) Sam

Words Almighty

Hanging on a wall in the backyard shed words rusting like tools no one will use Discarded like plastic-wrapped fruits fifty percent off produce still, contamination spreads as does ... mould on bread are some things really better left unsaid Listening to Hall while sowing Oates encouraged to speak but I remain mute story of... Continue Reading →

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